USB as serial port on FXT009


I’m a new user of FXT009 (and new to M2M design too )
I plan to use this modem to get data from a system and send these data to an FTP server. These data will be collect through the serial port (SUB15). I will develop software solution with Developer Studio

Final user should access the module to set some parameters. In my first step, I plan to use the second UART on the expansion socket (X-card) but buying this connector is too expensive (minimum order quantity of 700 so total amout of 3000 euro :unamused: )

My question is : Can i use the USB port as a second UART (using OpenUart or FCM) ?

Thanks in advance



Do you mean for the USB to be a ‘master’ i.e. use the USB to talk to a serial device like a ftdi chip? If so, then no, the USB is a slave only.

However, the USB port will appear as a com port to a PC if you have installed the appropriate drivers on the PC. Once the USB port is enabled in the FXT (see AT+WMFM), then you can issue AT commands to the FXT from the PC. Or you can open the USB port using Open AT and the FXT app and roll your own interface.

Ciao, Dave

Thanks David,

I’m planning to use the USB on FX as a slave USB i.e a USB-serial port by which the end user could send data based on our protocol to configure the some parameter managing by the app running in the FX.
It will be a simple terminal and the user will use putty or other Hyperterminal kind’s

The native port (on sub 15) should be use for data collecting.

Thanks in advance


Have you asked your distributor if they can supply the cable? Or if they know of a (local) source :question:

Failing that, I may be able to source them…