Urgent Assistance Needed: GPS Module Displaying Incorrect Year (2020 instead of 2024)

Dear Sierrawireless Support Team,

Recently, we have observed a discrepancy in the displayed year on the GPS module(GPS-XA1110 ). Instead of showing the correct year (2024), it is indicating the year 2020.
time, month, and day are correct except the year. This issue arose after the New Year transition, and despite our efforts to troubleshoot, the problem persists.


To provide you with more context, our board relies heavily on accurate date and time information from the GPS module, making this issue a critical concern for us.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter. We look forward to your guidance and support.
Best regards,

Hi @Mehrdad87,

Welcome to our community!

Based on the description, I understand that despite not making any changes to the configuration, board, or antenna, the issue occurred when transitioning to the new year 2024. Meanwhile, in 2023, the device was functioning normally. Is that correct?

If so, in this case, it is advisable to send an email to technical support at support@sierrawireless.com for assistance.


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Hi @jerdung ,

Thank you for your prompt response!

You correctly understood the situation. The issue indeed emerged during the transition to the new year 2024, while the device functioned normally in 2023 without any changes to the configuration, board, or antenna.

I appreciate your recommendation to contact technical support at support@sierrawireless.com. I will proceed with sending an email to that address to seek further assistance.

Best regards,