uqmi 4.9 kernel LEDE firmware problems mc7455

Has anyone gotten the new LEDE 4.9 kernel firmware’s working with uqmi with the mc7455? It detects it and shows connected using uqmi commands but i never get data to flow. I am having trouble on my setup using modem manager libqmi and im going to try the uqmi route instead but i must be missing something. 4.9 supports raw-ip so that shouldnt be a problem anymore.

Did you configure the netdev for raw-ip?

echo y >/sys/class/net/wwan0/qmi/raw_ip

Yes I just tried configuring NETDEV for raw ip and still no connection.

Got it figured out. That was it. Thank you.

How can I keep this setting? It wants to revert back to “N” after each reboot.

You should not keep this setting. Your connect script should check “wda-get-data-format” and enable raw_ip framing if necessary. That way it will work regardless of modem.

The most recent version of the GobiNet does this a bit smarter, since it can: It automatically selects the proper framing. It can do this because it is responsible for configuring the data format used by the firmware too. With qmi_wwan, this is left for userspace like all the rest of QMI. Which is why we also have to leave the host side framing selection to userspace. The driver has no knowledge of the firmware configuration. Only userspace knows.

But all that means is the task of syncronizing host and device framing is left to the userspace tools, like for example your connection script.