Understanding SELCIOT options on WP7702/FX30

The AT!SELCIOT on the WP7702/FX30 has 3 options, LTE WB, LTE M1 & LTE NB1.

The FX30/WP7702 manual talks about M1 and NB1 but there is no mention of WB. Is this a supported option on this module/modem and what is it? Can anyone point me to documentation about what WB is.

Enabling WB seems to cause the module to fail, requiring reboot so I suspect it isnt supported.

Many thanks

Current Operating Mode: 0x7

Supported Operating Modes:
LTE WB: 0x01
LTE M1: 0x02
LTE NB1: 0x04


i think it is not supported

Thank you. Do you know what technology WB is meant to represent? Is it cat-1? (The module tech spec says this particular module supports only LTE M1 and LTE NB1). The WB option may just be for consistency with other modules.

LTE WB mode is normally for LTE CAT-1/4 operation

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