undefined reference

Hello together,
we try to implement parts of OpenPG on an OpenAT system. We use Developer Studio 3.3. But obviously the linker doesn’t find some functions: _fstat, _getpid, _gettimeofdate, _isatty, _kill and _times. The error message reads: “undifined reference to …”, location “line 0”, type: “C/C++ Problem”.
It’s obvious that these functions are no OpenAT functions. So we have to add a library, which provides the system with the appropriate functions, probably libnosys.a.

  1. How do we convince Developer Studio 3.3 to use libnosys.a or any other library which is not part of the standard configuration?
  2. Is libnosys.a a good choice for the functions in question? Or do we have to add another library - and then what library?
    Thanks for help with one of the two questions!!

You should specify the -lnosys option to the linker command line.
Please note that this was not tested, even if it sounds to be a good solution.
This is usually handled by stubbing the necessary functions by yourself, as documented in Build System > Open AT Features > Missing stubs for ARM EABI GCC linker.