undefined reference in eDLib

I write the udp client(target mode) for q2501b using OpenAT 3.10(gcc 3.0.4 + sgt 1.2.11 + (adl)gcc_wmadl_3. + (eDLib)gcc_eDLib_310.lib without multiapp).

create project command:
wmnew -v -n -adl -app -name udp -otherlib TCPIP

used functions for UDP from eDLib(wmudpsocket.o):

ed_UdpSocketSetupParams_t Params;

ed_udpSocketGetConfig ( &Params );

Params.UdpPort = 1111;
Params.UdpTxDelay = 10;
wm_strcpy( &Params.UdpServ,  Host );

ed_udpSocketSetConfig ( &Params );

ed_SocketUDPStart( 0, &UDP_ResponseCbk, &UDP_DataHandler, &UDP_DataRequest );

Compiling passes normally, but linking does not pass(gcc_udp_B_err_lnk.tmp):

( … arm-elf/bin/ld: section .data [002339e0 -> 00234957] overlaps section .glue_7t [002339e0 -> 002339ef]
appli.o: In function smtp_run': ... gcc/out/appli.c:384: undefined reference toed_udpSocketGetConfig’
… gcc/out/appli.c:393: undefined reference to ed_udpSocketSetConfig' ... arm-elf/bin/ld: link errors found, deleting executablegcc_gps_B.elf’
(… lib/gcc-lib/arm-elf/3.0.4/thumb/interwork/libgcc.a)_fpcmp_parts_df.o
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

What’s wrong? Why application does not linked?

One symbol in a name of function was wrong:

ed_udpSocketGetConfig -> ed_UdpSocketGetConfig
ed_udpSocketSetConfig -> ed_UdpSocketSetConfig

after fixing application has linked!!!