Unbloated Connection Manager


Does anyone have unbloated source code to Sierra’s Connection manager that just connects. Has anyone modified it to do Verizon’s Data retry?
If you can share that would be greatly appreciated.


What exactly is your requirement? if you explain a bit more, we can have a try :wink:


Hi Alex,

Thank you for the reply!

I have the full SDK provided by my Sierra Rep, and they told me to use the Sierra Connection Manager in the Sample Apps Folder. I have to put this connection manager on our router so we can test for verizon data retry and the current connection manager has a small text based gui, etc and must stay in memory.

I was looking to see if anyone has written a smaller connection manager than might have the verizon data retry in it but I’m not picky, just looking for something that will use profile 3 for verizon and connect :slight_smile: without all that other callback stuff and display. run on command line and connect.


My understanding of the MCxxxx cards is that the Verizon retry intervals are built into the module firmware. I believe you could in theory initiate a data session every 10 seconds and the module will respect the appropriate interval based on network conditions.

Hi Aaron,

Thank for the reply you are correct on point 1.

My Fae sent me a verizon data retry spec sheet. Without posting all the details.

1/ With SetAutoconnect() API, module will initiate a data retry after throttling count 1, then immediately initiates count 2 after count 1 failure.

2/ after count/retry 2 failure, the host needs to initiate AT!SCACT=1,3 or start a data session using SLQSStartStopDataSession() API every 10 seconds.

3/ Host continues to issue item 2 for a 10 second interval for 15 minutes.

The problem for me is I don’t have a proper connection script I’m using the overbloated Connection Manager with a menu, I was hoping for someone to send me a basic connection program without pressing on any buttons to start a session.

Thanks Again!