UIM power generated by Q26ELITE module is dropping


I am using Q26ELITE CDMA module . I am facing one problem. Aftern power ON reset module has to generate UIM power to SIM(3.0V) . It is not correctly generating the UIM power to SIM(it is giving 3.0v for 1.5sec after that it is dropping to ZERO and after that it is raising to 3.0v and the same repeating) and also Iam not getting any wind responses.It is not responding to AT commands. If I remove the SIM card Iam getting wind responses and the module is responding to AT commands. Due this Iam not getting connected to network. What could be reason for dropping of UIM power generated by the module it self.


SInce you are not able to see any +WIND indications I guess you need to enable RUIM.To enable RUIM, follow 2 steps:

  1. The R-UIM feature is enabled through the feature flags NV item (50000) by setting FEATUREFLAG_RUIM (42), or bit 2 of byte 5. The ATI9 command should show the bit set.
    2.NV 855 should be set 0
    NV item 855 is an SPC-protected NV item. For example, to set the SPC “000000” in QXDM, enter the command:RequestItem “Send Service Programming Code Request” 0x30 0x30 0x30 0x30 0x30 0x30
    After setting the above 2 itmes, reset the module.
    I hope this helps.