UCS2 coding for SMS

Hi everybody,

I have to send SMS in cyrillic language.
How can I set up the UCS2 char set? at+cscs command doesn’t provide this option (which is provided by other modem competitor)

Should I use “custom” option and redefine with at+wccs command the entire alphabet?

“DWL”,“V08b13”,"",“Sierra Wireless”,55344,“111611 18:03”,“dda36757”,“00010000”
“FW”,“FW_SRC_747_8_F4_3.Q2687G”,“R7.47.4.201208311102.Q26CL702”,“Sierra Wireless”,2221264,“083112 11:02”,“6aa633a2”,“00020000”

Thank you for support.


I think you have to use the command +CSMP and change the (data coding scheme) parameter (see GSM 03.38 for coding rules).


Thank you very much for suggestion.

However I can’t find in sierra wireless documentation what value of dcs has to be
specified. There is just an example where dcs is set to 244 to use GSM 8 bits alphabet.

Has anyone used ciryillic alphabet for SMS?



you can find here http://www.3gpp.org/ftp/Specs/html-info/23038.htm the 3gpp specification about how to code the dcs: the parameter is not sierra specific, so you could find the information into the official 3GPP information (perhaps try with 27).