I wanted to know if the maxim baute rate in Q2686 is 921kbps, in firmware 7.74, because I wanted to connect a GPS module, and I need 9600bps for NMEA frames.

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It is clearly stated in the PTS - what else do you need?

I want connect a UART2 from Q2686 which is 1.8V voltage, to a external GPS module. Is there anyone who did this before? Which module you recommend?

So, if the GPS modules is not also 1.8V, you will need a Voltage Translator - these are available from the likes of TI, NXP, National, et al

Yes - the IESM for the Fastrack does exactly that!

You can also get an add-on for the Q26 devkit - speak to your Distributor

Why not just use the one Wavecom - sorry, Sierra Wireless - use for C-GPS… :question:

Because, I think that this module is only a gps receptable, and you need to configure NMEA comand, but there are others that they directly send NMEA commands. In the other hand, i think that optus one, is quite old.

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I think you mean “receiver” - in which case you are correct.

The point is: why waste money on a processor, memory, firmware, etc in the GPS unit when the Q26 is perfectly capable of doing all that by itself!
And the necessary software (Open-AT plugin) is free.

That’s the same rationale as using Open-AT in the first place - you obviate the need for an external processor by using the Q26’s own processing power.

But what does any of this have to do with the Baud rate of UART2??

No sorry, I was wrong with the baud rate…

But the CGPS plugin gives you NMEA frames directly anyhow!

With a full-function GPS you are paying for additional hardware & functionality that you don’t need - and its additional power consumption - and you’re still going to have to write some software to receive the NMEA frames over the UART!