Trouble with PPP modem to modem


If you have two modems. How can you get 1 of the modems (Modem A) to connect via the other modem (Modem B) using PPP?

on the modem that will do the actual connection I think you need to send :-

At this point the modem will spit out PPP packets. Cool.

So in order for Modem A to start this process I need modem A to send these commands to modem B, which I can do by opening the UART ( UART2 in my case ). Send the commands. And after the point the CGDATA has executed. I close the port again ( I do this using adl_OpenDevice and the associated callbacks it gives )

so once its closed the port after sending CGDATA, it inits the stack

r = wip_netInitOpts( 

Then I think you start the bearer…

r = wip_bearerOpen( &b, "UART2", evh_bearer, NULL);

then start the bearer

r = wip_bearerStart( b);

However it fails to connect via PPP, Modem B spits out its PPP packets, but Modem A sends nothing in response. Eventually Modem B says No CARRIER, and modem A gives up having sent nothing out the UART and reporting WIP_BERR_PPP_LCP_FAILED as the error code



Does " worked??