TRACE a string?

But if I try, say,

ascii my_string[] = "Hello, world"

TRACE(( 10, "%s", my_string ));

The trace just shows:

Does TRACE support %s ?

No, TRACE don’t support %s — and also TRACE don’t support more then six arguments too :frowning:

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So the ADL User Guide lies - again! :angry:

(the Basic User Guide does specifically list the supported formats - just %c, %x, %u, %d - but there is no indication that this limitation is inherited by the ADL TRACE Macro).

That one isn’t even mentioned in the Basic User Guide! :angry: :angry:

You can make it work changing the code like that

ascii my_string[] = "Hello, world";

TRACE ((1,my_string));


Yes, that’s fine for the trivial case - but you still can’t use %s (as the manual says should be possible) for stuff like

TRACE(( 1, "Received string = '%s'", my_string ));

Instead, you have to mess about with sprintf to a temporary buffer, and then TRACE the temporary buffer.

The really annoying thing here is not the fact that %s doesn’t work, but the fact that the manual doesn’t tell you that it won’t work :frowning: - in fact, the manual suggests that it should work! :angry:

Hi awneil,

Have you thought about applying for a job at Wavecom? Well, I am not affiliated with Wavecom, so I can’t hire you… But I think they really need someone like you who reads the manuals carefully and discovers the problems they contain. They probably also don’t have the manpower to fix these so you maybe could also help there…

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Software can have bugs. Manuals are software. Manuals can have bugs.
I think there is a need for a bug tracking system interface for developers like us.

What can be done:

1- Bugs that are decided on the forum can be submitted to this system as developer bugs.
2- Feature requests can also be submitted as ‘bugs’. ( can be voted in polls of the forum )
3- Lets improve the idea when we have more time…