Total number of TCP socket

Hello everyone,
in my OpenAT application I have to use TCP channel to send some data.
The OS permit me to create up to 8 TCP channel and not more.

Code where a create TCP channel:

// Create the TCP channel 
TcpChannel = wip_TCPClientCreate(SERVER_ADDRESS,SERVER_PORT,(wip_eventHandler_f) TCPcommHandler,NULL);
// If channel not created, return an error 
if (!TcpChannel) 
		adl_atSendResponse(ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE(ADL_PORT_UART1,ADL_AT_RSP),"Tcp Channel not created!\r\n");
		return FALSE;

code where I close the TCP Channel

// Close the TCP handles 

Maybe the OS has 8 TCP channel simultaneously due to some error in closing channel???

thank you very much

For versions of WIP older than 4.0, this can be set with the options passed to wip_netInitOpts( ), check in the manual.