TCP/IP socket opening

Good morning,

I use the Q2686H and I have a problem. I have to open a TCP/IP socket, send multiple transmissions (HTTP protocol) and then close it when finished. The broadcasts consist in sending 700 bytes and receiving in response 235 bytes, so on for “n” times.

Currently I can send only 1 transmission (TX + RX) and then socket closes. Event handler returns a WIP_CEV_PEER_CLOSE even if I try to write again data through socket ( wip_write() ).
I looked in manual and I also tried the socket opening with KEPPALIVE and NODELAY parameters with no success.

My development environment is: Q2686H, OpenAT v 4:24:00, WIP Open AT IP v 3.10, FW v 663f00

Can you help me?
Thank you very much.

WIP_CEV_PEER_CLOSE means socket was closed by remote peer.

You should check the conditions which implies to the HTTP server you connect to.
If you contact simple HTTP server then such behaviour might be OK.
You send a request to HTTP server, receive a response and connection is closed by server.

You might need to use special HTTP Keep-Alive header and HTTP server which support keep-alive connections
It might also be a timeout occured due to some inactivity time.