Timer interrupt issue

Hi, All!

I changed Firmware package from to, rebuild project and dwonload in my module (SL6087).
After what, the timer has stopped working. Interrupt routine is not entered. All function for prepare and start TCU run properly.

Any Suggestions please!


Can you please explain what exactly your application is doing.How the timers are being used and iterrupts are handled in the application.
Also,please capture the following trace levels :


i have the same probelm. I’ve tried your Sample “Time Base”. And there no timer events occur!!

CPU Info:
“DWL”,“V09c08”,"",“Sierra Wireless”,55684,“053112 09:27”,“6baf6254”,“00010000”
“FW”,“FW_751_14.Q2687RDG”,“R7.51.0.201205311751.Q2687RD”,“Sierra Wireless”,620780,“053112 17:51”,“de5225b8”,“001c0000”
“MODEM”,“1.2.12”,“201205311748.Q2687RD”,“Sierra Wireless”,1660692,“053112 17:48”,“16b6cdaa”,“00020000”
“OAT”,“”,“time_base Sample”,“MyCompany”,71224,“050213 08:52”,“4a689569”,“002a0000”
-“Developer Studio”,“”
-“Open AT Framework package”,“”
-“Open AT OS Package”,“”
-“Firmware Package”,“”

It must be a Firmware problem! With firmware the TCU timer works fine!


it is now possible to use the tcu with ADL_TCU_ACCURATE_TIMER and fw R7.51.0.201205311751.Q2687RD?

I must finsh my project in the next days, and if it not work, i need a workaround!

I have just come across this problem too. The signal generator sample does not work with an FXT009 running 7.51 firmware.
I was absolutely gobsmacked to see in the release note for 7.51 under “Known Restrictions” it says “TCU ADL service is not operational”!
What a wonderful upgrade that version turned out to be :slight_smile:
That version of firmware was released a year ago, so you would think there would be an update by now.

The only solution seems to be to use an older firmware version.
GDB doesn’t work in 7.50, so the best options look like 7.46 or 7.47.0. Does anyone know any reason to use one of these over the other?

  • Charles