the questions about the upgrade firmware

1.The driver API usage:

  1. Firstly, we call GetImageStore aiming at getting the image store path. The return value is 1(means general error), so the path didn’t get by this GetImageStore API.
  2. Secondly,upgradeFirmware2k needs a path to indicate the location of the firmware image, since the GetImageStore cannot get the path, we are unable to load the firmware image,
    so we try to give a path which is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sierra wireless Inc\Gobi\Images\3000\Generic” to this API, the return value is also 1(means general error)
  3. GetStoredImages returned 1071, which means Invalid/unknown QMI command specified
  4. GetImagesPreference : what’s the structure for the output parameter “pImageList” ?
    By the way, do you have the spec document for the header file GobiImageMgmtAPI.pdf ?

Could you confirm we use the correct API to upgrade the firmware or other ways we can try?


Sorry for replying late…

I need to try this on windows…
which module are you using?? is it MC series? did u try on linux with the SDK?