The difference between timeout = 0 and 1


Hi all,

i’m so sorry for being so troublesome because i’ve been asking a lot. i’ve been stuck with this problem for 1 week. and i’ve tried many method to fix this thing. finally this day i could receive WIP_CEV_PING event.
i just really need to finish this project ASAP. i have a new question which i really need to know the answer soon.
i’ve made my ping program. and the result is this :

Ping response for " "
Ping: Index 3, Response time 0, Timeout 1

this result was given if there is an event WIP_CEV_PING r3eceived in my program.
but i was confused with 2 things. the Timeout parameter has 2 value. what is the difference between timeout =0 and timeout =1??

thank you so much for your time and explanation. really need some help here.



Timeout = 0, means no timeout ocurred

Timeout = 1, means timeout ocurred

Response time = 0, because timeout ocurred…

If timeout = 0 , response time will have some value.