i have managed to get two modems logged onto the internet APN. they both return an ip address.
I set one modem to listening and create a stocket as say 1001
I then try to connect the other modem to that socket and using the returned ip address - I get the following tcpResponseHandler response code - -34.
What does this mean?

Are you sure that your devices have “public” IP addresses, so that they should be able to “see” each other?
See: … c++address

What Open-AT version are you using?

Are you using WIP? If so, what version?

What is tcpResponseHandler ?

Have you tried looking for that error code in the appropriate documentation?

Am using Open AT 3.10
Not using the WIP

The two ip addresses where and
Based on the link that you gave me, does this mean that these two addresses cannot connect to each other?

Where can i find out waht the response codes mean?

eDLib, then?

In the Open-AT IP Connectivity Development Guide (eDLib vX.YY)

I have v3.03, and there’s a section at the end titled, strangely enough, “List of error codes and reply codes”

Cross-reference: … php?t=1756