TCP/IP speed up transfer

Hy guys, i have an application wich receives some data on a TCP/IP socket, then forwards that data on the UART1, takes a response and forwards this response back on GRPS.

It seems that the transfer is pretty slow. Do you have any ideea how can i speed this up? i mean, should i use interrupts at WIP_CEV_READ/WRITE, so the process can handle only the data transfer?

I tried to play with channels options for raising the buffer sizes, but it seems that the application sending the requests on GRPS send a request, then waits for a response and then sends another request. It’s not a matter of how much data, it’s a matter of how quickly can i make the transfer.

I hope i was clear enough, if any can give me a hint!
Thanks in advance…


Have you tried using the varispeed service in order to boost the CPU frequency ?
Also you can try setting the WIP_COPT_RCV_LOWAT to 1bytes, because this would trigger the WIP_CEV _READ as and when a byte is received and contributes for a faster reception of data.


If you are sending lots of data, increase the max segment size.
If you are sending small packets , then decrease the max. segment size.
The default is 536 bytes.