Tcp connection to server in waiting


In Tcpclient Example code ,I am trying to connect to server with port address.
but server cannot accept connection from client, that time it holds some time aprox 15 secs to 40 secs waiting and entereded into error mode.

How to set that holding time fixed …?
cllient trying to server it holding secs( it varies waiting time )

i want to know How to set fixed time to connect server ?
success or error getting within set fixed time

how to minimize or fixed that waiting or trying time…?



I don’t think so you can configure that.It depends on the network.Only after the IP packet is received by the server(which may take variable time) the server responds to the client request.


It may well depend on several networks!

It may also depend on the server, and the application(s) on the server…

You get exactly the same thing with your PC web browser: it can take a long time before it gives up and presents an error message - so I think this is in the nature of TCP/IP, and nothing specifcally to do with SiWi or Open-AT ?

If you want to limit the wait, you will have to implement your own timeout, and cancel the request if it is not fulfilled within your required time - just as you would do manually when waiting for a web page to load in your browser.


thanks for reply awneil and paruthiv.

How to cancel that request client to server ?
Modem client trying to connect to server ,but it takes times.
that time how to cancel that request of trying ?

In middle can we close the connection or shutdown ?
what is the procedure for regarding this ?