TCP client sample

Following post provides a TCP client opening a socket towards port 56789.

Beware the PC or laptop you test against has its firewall allow the traffic to this IP and port.
Beware as well when posting back a reply from the server end, that the below sample is reading received data upon reception of line feed trigger ("*l"), meaning the tool or app on the server side must send the LF character otherwise it will not be displaid on the AAF studio console.

local sched  = require "sched"  -- Lua scheduling and synchronization lib. 
local socket = require "socket"

function main ()
	local my_socket = socket.tcp()
	my_socket:connect("", 56789)

	if my_socket then 
		-- send
		my_socket:send("This is data sent from the AAF TCP client socket")
		-- receive
		while true 
			local data = assert(my_socket:receive("*l"))
			-- there are 3 methods to receive data: 
			-- "*l", to receive line by line (beware that the client must send the line feed character! if you are using a TCP client tool, do check the "LineFeed" box if any)
			-- n, to specify a number of bytes to read out from the socket
			-- "*a", to read all the data on the fly.  
			if data then
				print("Received: ", data)
	else print ("error upon socket creation: ", my_socket)

-- Schedule the main function, and launch the scheduler main loop

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