TCP CLient sample

I am trying to understand the concept of the TCP Client sample code on WIP version 4.00.2080 where
the following are not defined in the appli source file:

and inside the adlmain their existence is being asked inside if:
#if defined( OVER_UART_PPP_SER)
I could not find where the application defines these values.
Is there anything that i am missing hear ?

It is up to you to define the appropriate one according to your requirements - either by adding a #define in the source, or in the Project settings.

This is a standard way of configuring ‘C’ programs…

Did you omit to read the readme.html file…?

Yes i did read the html file i just dont understand the issue of initaiating UART ppp and GSM ppp,
Arnt they dependent one on each other ?

those defines are to let you choose how to connect to the internet. only one of them should be defined i think.

You are correct - just as the readme.html file says:

(my emphasis)

They don’t (necessarily) connect to the internet - they just create a TCP/IP link over a PPP conection.

The PPP link can either be via the UART (for an RS232 connection to the host) or via a GSM data call.

Instead of PPP, you can also use GPRS.