Target mode,Remote mode


What is the difference between target and remote modes.

Is the remote related DOTA.I mean is it used for remotely upgrading?

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In target mode, you download your code to the Wavecom unit, and it runs within the unit on the unit’s ARM processor;

In remote mode, your application runs on your PC, and communicates over a COM port with the Wavecom core firmware running in the Wavecom unit!

Yes, I found this quite confusing at first, and it is not introduced well in the Wavecom documentatoin!

Remote Mode is described in Chapter 7, “Remote Task Environment” in the Tools Manual for Open AT v3.03 - but it is referred-to extensively earlier in that document, and in the other introductory documents with no real explanation, and no cross-reference.
It even took me a while just now to find it!

Not at all.