TA-TE link reservation


Hi friends
I have doubt, please help!!
I am using Q2686 module to interface with a host processor.
New message indication is set as AT+CNMI=2,1 ; so the modem will buffer the unsolicited result code when the TA-TE link is busy and flush it to the host after reservation , right.

Suppose one new message arrived , the modem will send unsolicited result code (say +CMTI:“SM”,1)
Then i am going to read the message using AT+CMGR=1 ; then the host is expecting unsolicited resul code +CMGR including the message body from the module.
My doubt is that , if another new message is arrived at the same time we are sending AT+CMGR to the module which unsolicited result code will transmitted to the module ? which will have the most preference ?