Swi-fx30-catm_3.0.0 build error in swi-linux

@ravishkrishnan.kunch Can you please provide some details about the “Talon Module Layer”? Have you checked whether the Talon layer is compatible with yocto 2.5 on which FX30 CATM R14 is based?

I am not sure How i would check if the custom layer is compatible with yocto 2.5

For Adding the Talon layer i followed the stepps provided by @cchenry in FX30 (wp7702) and Talon IoT card - #2 by cchenry

But keeping aside adding the talon layer , even a simple Yocto customization on R14 is resulting in this error.
i tried adding a recipe to the make file by
Adding the Following lines after the << # Add > in the file << mdm9x28-image.inc >>

Add cronie package

IMAGE_INSTALL +=" cronie"

sorry instead of
IMAGE_INSTALL += " cronie"
I used
IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " cronie"

Has using IMAGE_INSTALL += " cronie" addressed the issue for you?

How about “make clean” first?
And then add cronie

And then “make MACH=mdm9x28 PROD=fx30”

Here I can build it:

Thanks @jyijyi
Adding cronie after “make clean”, i was able to build.

Another Yocto customization which we require is adding the custom Yocto layer like the above mention talon layer mention in FX30 (wp7702) and Talon IoT card - #2 by cchenry by @cchenry

Can you help us figure-out why adding this layer is resulting in “QA Issue: sierra-lowtempfix” error.

I don’t know, but if you do a make clean first, you should not see such issue

is there any other way other than “make clean”
when ever i am making changes - ex : adding a new recipe.
i am getting this error “sierra-lowtempfix” , and I have to make clean to again build it.
this is taking a lot of time to REBUILD

currently there is no solution.
Workaround is that you first use swi-fx30-catm-2.0.0 to do your development, after that port all your modification to swi-fx30-catm-3.0.0 and build after “make clean”

But “make clean” will delete the bblayer.conf file.
which is required to add a new custom layer.
How can be add a custom layer without editing the bblayer.conf

How about adding your recipe in current existing layer?

Hi @ravishkrishnan.kunch

A couple things you can try to improve your build time:

  1. Try the bitbake command directly:
    make dev
    bitbake -c build

  2. Implement yocto share state cache. Basically, once you build the image, move the cache to another location, and then point to it. The next time you build with sstate cache, only the packages that are required will be built.


Thanks @cchenry
How to point to the copied state cache? is this some configuration.

i was able to build
But now i am unable to flash the cwe file using swiflash
**swiflash -m “wp77xx” -i boot-yocto-legato_wp77xx.cwe **
Detecting USB of the target
Communicating with the target
Switching to firmware download mode
Downloading the firmware
…ERROR: Firmware Download failed. Callback status 59399DONE
ERROR: Firmware Download Failed

You can transfer the cwe file to module and use fwupdate command in target module to update

[quote=“jyijyi, post:26, topic:25090, full:true”]
You can transfer the cwe file to module and use fwupdate command in target module to update
fwupdate also not working
root@fx30s:~# fwupdate download boot-yocto-legato_wp77xx.cwe
Connecting to service …
Can’t open file ‘boot-yocto-legato_wp77xx.cwe’ : No such file or directory
root@fx30s:~# ls

swiflash -m "wp77xx" -r is also working after flashing Sierra Wireless FX30 Firmware CatM
Will the swiflash tool not work with R14.1.1 based Firmware ?
we have been using the swiflash in our production for R9.1.1 based firmware.

You need to specify the absolute path


fwupdate download /tmp/boot-yocto-legato_wp77xx.cwe

installation was not successful it got stuck at this point
root@fx30s:~# fwupdate download /home/root/boot-yocto-legato_wp77xx.cwe
Connecting to service …
Download started …
Download successful
Installing & Reboot …

But the Gateway got rebooted , but the changes are not visible in the rootfs

Probably the yocto image is too big, you can download just the yocto.cwe to confirm if it can upgrade

How big is your yocto.cwe image now?

With the Yocto.cwe file also it is failing to install.