Subscription to commands not starting with "AT"



I need to subscribe to a string that does not begin with “AT”. I’m receiving, at UART1, packets that look like this, in HEX:

Since there is the standard ending 0D (\r) character, I hoped it would be possible to simply subscribe to it:

adl_atCmdSubscribe("\x02", Cmd_TEST_Handler, ADL_CMD_TYPE_ROOT);

Then the handler should get everything between \x02 and \r.

Sadly, it looks like it’s only possible to subscribe to strings that begin with “AT”. Is this true? :question:
I should be able to open the port in data mode, and parse the packets and AT commands, forwarding AT commands to the OAT, but this wouldn’t be very easy… :frowning:


I think the essential distinguishing feature of an “AT Command” is that it begins with “AT” - hence the name! 8)

I suspect that you are just going to have to do the parsing yourself, I’m afraid?