Stylistic Q572 unable to obtain DNS on MC8355 driver.

Hey guys i have quite a few Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 Tablets running on windows 7.
We are now planning to upgrade to windows 8.1.
I found that after upgrading or even by doing a fresh install of either windows 8/8.1 the Private APN connection would appear as limited.
I can connect to the public APN and access the internet but can only access the private APN when i am using windows 7.

The following is information from a trace i ran while connecting to the private APN.

09427 [1] 0004.05F8::12/09/2014-20:40:38.315 [wmbclass] [MbbIP][Luid=0xf3000000000000] ERROR: DNS cannot be configured using Layer3 when IP is derived from Layer2. v4[IP=0x00000001(true) DNS=0x00000000(false)] v6[IP=0x00000000(false) DNS=0x00000000(false)]

I cant understand why only on windows 8/8.1 would not be able to obtain a DNS from my ISP.
I ruled out the ISP issue because the same SIM works from android and windows 7.
I updated and changes versions of this driver so many times but non seem to work.
i am currently using MC8355.

Any assistant with this would be helpful, its been 3 months now i am trying to get this thing to work…

There are no issues raised for this kind of problem. I am not sure whether the Windows 8 is blocking the private APN connection. I have to confirm here as I don’t have private APN. You can browse windows forums on web which might have this issue…