Store and Forward Understanding

I’d like to get some more info on how the Store and Forward function works.

I am currently trying to utilize it with the following setup for a MangOH Yellow:

  1. Observation on /environment/value, sending to an Edge Action
  2. Edge action as follows:
function (event) {

var tempReading = event.value.temperature

return {
	'st://': [tempReading]


The idea is to send the temperature reading to Store and Forward. This action is executing successfully according to the console.

  1. The store and forward resource set up as follows:

My questions are:

  1. I have an observation set on /cloudinterface/store_forward/level/value to send to a cloud stream. I understand that this should show accumulation as data is sent to store and forward. This value stays sitting at zero - am I missing some setup to accumulate values in store and forward?

  2. When the data is flushed from store and forward, where is it sent? A cloud stream? Where is this specified?

I have read through the store and forward documentation several times now and still feel like I am missing something important.


Hello Lachlan,

Make sure you are doing all of your S&F testing with Dev Mode set to off.


Why don’t you simply use an observation to Store & Forward instead of using a “converter” edge action ?
However what you are doing is correct and you should see the Store & Forward being filled.
Please be sure as David suggested to have dev mode off and heart on empty disabled as well.

When the data is flushed from store and forward it is sent to Cloud in :default stream.


  1. value will go up (knowing that the S&F capacity is 5 MB it can take some time to increase

  2. it is sent to the Stream tied to an S&F Observation if you are using Observations, and in your case with an Edge Action: it is sent to the /:default stream like any data you would send from and Adge Action through ‘cl://’

As indicated by Djudkins, to have data accumulate in the S&F, your device must not be reporting any other data to the cloud in the meantime otherwise the S&F data will be sent as well

For that:

  • developer mode must be turned off (it reports data every minute)
  • no other CLoud Stream Observation or Edge action reporting to ‘cl://’ shoudl be triggering while you want to accumulate data