Starting TCP connection issue

Goodmorning, I am following the steps to make a TCP connection with the dev kit found here. However i get CME ERROR: 923: Error due to invalid state of terminate port data mode and +KTCP_NOTIF: 1, 3 another DNS Error.

What can i do to make establish the connection so it returns: +KTCP_IND: 1,1?
Could this be a SIM activation issue because i tried to fill in the form but i haven’t heard anything yet and i don’t know how long it usually takes.

Thanks in advance!

can you try some real IP address first?
after that you can try to see if your TCP server has problem

Hi, I am following your steps but here is my try on google.

So i get error 5 which is an TCP connection error.


have you tried in PC first?
I cannot establish TCP connection to on port 6000