SSL TLS versions?

Hi All,

I am using an SL6087 AirPrime module to make SSL connection to the remote server.
(Fw file: R7.52.0.201306260837.SL6087)

My Question is the following:
Is it possible to make a TLS 1.1 connection on this modem?

According to the related SSL_User guide (4111868, 6.0, June 14, 2013) the supported versions are:
“SSL versions 3 and TLS 1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2”

But the wip_SSLInitOpts WIP_COPT_VERSION parameters are limited to the following:

Is there any possibility to set up a TLS1.1 support in this AirPrime module ?

Thank you for your efforts.



I’m lookinf for the same thing.

I need to create an HTTPS post with TLS 1.1.

Does wip library make this encrypted channel with TLS 1.1?

Thanks in advance!

What about ‘WIP_SSL_VER_ALL’ ?? Are you able to communicate with server with this option or facing any issue??