Software for tracking

I looked at software that can receive location information from the MP70 and plot a real-time route on a map
for my MP70, but don’t find any easy reference. Does anyone here is experience with integrating such devices into a mapping / tracking solution ? I found only OpenGTS that can integrate with many different tracking devices, but the MP70 / Sierra Wireless products are not mentioned specifically. Any pointers ? Experiences ?

Most of these things just work on a web API or use some standard such as MQTT.

So, as long as you can do that, it doesn’t matter about specific hardware details …

wmeter, were every able to find a software?

Hi wmeter,
There is a ALMS account you can sign up for free:

  • you can register upto 15 units for free.
    It has tracking, has a built in map that shows the location of the device.


Once I’ve been used it, but nothing gonna happen…