SMS send interval limit


Hi guys, i’m using FastTrack XTend to develop a simple application to send sms in a specific interval time (more little possible). How much is this limit, in seconds ? When i set a value less than 12 seconds i get random error sending sms (the first go normally, the second not, and so on…). There is a way to send sms every 5 seconds ? Thanks.


There is no fixed limit!

After sending one message, you must not attempt to send the next until the network has told you that it has finished the previous one.

In ADL, this means waiting for the ADL_SMS_EVENT_SENDING_MR event.


Thank you for the reply friend. I’ve noted that under 12 seconds interval, sms send process will fail, due to network limitations. :smiley:


It is not safe to just use any interval - you must always ensure that the network is ready before sending!

Network congenstion and/or other problems could leave it “busy” for significantly longer than 12s…


I’m waiting for ADL_SMS_EVENT_SENDING_MR in my Sms_EventHandler() but i get error sending sms after the first… why ? I have a timer to try send sms every 500 ms,checking a flag, this flag is set true when i get ADL_SMS_EVENT_SENDING_MR so the app can send sms, but it fails after the first sms.


It’s impossible to guess the cause of an error without at least knowing what error, precisely, you are getting!