SMS message length more than 160 characters

Hello ,

I am working on FXT009 modem and my application needs to send message more than 160 characters. Is there any option to concatenate or split the messages to send more than 160 characters?

For example, if the message length is 300 characters, the modem have to split it into 160 and 140 characters and it has to send or view at the other end as a single message.

I tried by storing in memory and sending but it is not working. I think the internal modem design is having 160 bytes size, if I am not wrong.


You have to do this in PDU mode. at+cmgf=0

Then you have to create the PDU binary manualy. There are many tools online that can help you create your PDU messages.

It’s not (just) the modem - that is the fundamental limitation of the GSM Short Message Service (SMS) - the clue is in the name!

Mobile phones nowadays will automatically do the splitting & reassembly for you - google “Concatenated SMS” - but, with a modem, you will have to do this yourself.

Whether you decide to use PDU as mentioned, or come up with your own way to split your data across multiple messages, is entirely up to you…

Thank you Awneil and krima,

I opted to work on PDU and it is working.