SMS/Call notification when - PPPOS

Hi all,
In my project I am interfacing HL6528 with ARM microcontroller using Serial port.
I made PPP over Serial (using LwIP stack), which works fine.

     When the dial-up connection(PPPOS) is running, the modem could not notify incoming  SMS or Voice CAll.

    How can I get notification on incoming call/SMS, when there is PPPoS?


You can set “AT+KRIC=3,1”, then

  • When incoming a SMS, RI will be activated with one pulse(1s width of the pulse)
  • When incoming a call, RI will be always activated.

When pppos is runing, the modem is in data mode(after CONNECT).
Once you detect the RI activated, you can exit data mode by +++ to read the SMS(AT+CMGR) or answer the call by ATA.
To switch back to data mode, you can use ATO.

Hi Sierra_klin1,
Sorry for the delayed reply,
After enabling Ring Indicator, Calls & SMSs are detecting .
Thank you very much for your useful information.