SLQS04.00.16 app compile problem


I got Linux QMI SDK Software 04.00.16 (SLQS04.00.16.bin.tar [gz] 235.3MB) from
when I compiled the sample app (firmware download), I got below error:-

kelvin@kelvin-Aspire-3810T:~/sierra/16-full-sdk/SampleApps/Firmware_Download$ sudo make
Compiling src/fwDld_main.c
In file included from …/…/api/SWIWWANCMAPI.h:47:0,
from inc/fwDld_common.h:14,
from inc/fwDld_main.h:14,
from src/fwDld_main.c:12:
…/…/api/cbk/inc/qaGobiApiCbk.h:19:10: fatal error: qmudefs.h: No such file or directory
#include “qmudefs.h”
compilation terminated.
makefile:9: recipe for target ‘obj/hostx86_64/fwDld_main.o’ failed
make: *** [obj/hostx86_64/fwDld_main.o] Error 1

seems that it miss the qmudefs.h
how can I solve it?



Have you modified the application? I would try unpacking the zip file again in case anything got missed.





I didn’t modify the application.


Has this been resolved? I am running into the same problem. Running the following doesn’t show the file in the archive.

tar tzf SLQS04.00.16.bin.tar.gz | grep "qmudefs.h"

Is there another package that is needed that supplies this header?


I did not received any info, the problem has not progress.


It looks like SLQS04.00.15 works to build the sample apps. Looking into it, the #include "qmudefs.h" was added into qaGobiApiCbk.h between version 15 and version16 but the appropriate qmudefs.h was not.

For now I’ll probably be working with version 15.


Hi All,

I ran into a same issue today.

Compiling src/start_sdk.c
In file included from …/…/api/SWIWWANCMAPI.h:47:0,
from src/start_sdk.c:12:
…/…/api/cbk/inc/qaGobiApiCbk.h:19:21: fatal error: qmudefs.h: No such file or directory
#include “qmudefs.h”
compilation terminated.
make: *** [obj/hostx86_64/start_sdk.o] Error 1

Also I had one more question about compiling “slqssdk”. I don’t find it in SDK documentation.

Appreciate your help!!



With the package that is posted on the source you cannot recompile the SDK yourself as the source code is not included. Best thing to do if you do need it recompiled for some reason i.e. different arch, specific toolchain required, etc which the pre compiled version do not cater for, contact your distributor to raise a ticket.




It looks like sample application source code is included will that be able to compile? That’s where I am seeing problem.

Thanks for help. Much appreciated.



The package on the source should have everything to allow you to rebuild the sample applications.