SLQS for Android for FW Update of MC7xxx

We are using the MC7304 and MC7354 in our project whose running environment is Android 4.2.
Our application needs to be able to update the firmware and for that we are currently limited to use the SierraFwDl7xxx pre-compiled binary.
Executing the SierraFwDl7xxx is a possibility, yet not the best one.

In the case of Linux systems, the SLQS provides a convenient way to integrate the update mechanisms into the user application and have a better control of the process ( at least a deeper one as one still has to talk to the sdk process via IPC ).

Would it be possible to get the SLQS sources in order to compile them against Android? Or get a pre-compiled version of them?

better you contact your reseller/distributor for SLQS


Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply.

I have already done so, yet I wanted to try my luck here in the forum (maybe someone already knew) as the “man in the middle” approach through the (proxy) reseller is quite slow and it depends on how good the messages are propagated to sierra wireless.