Slow EDGE Upload Speed


we use the Q2687 in a telematics device over serial and get normal download speed of ca. 10 [kByte/s] over EDGE german T-Mobile Network.

However in upload the performance is untipically slow: 2-3 [kByte/s]. Comparison tests with a Siemens AC75 Modem with same EDGE-Class 10 lead to 10 [kByte/s] under same scenario.

Can someone help? Are there special settings for EDGE-Upload? Is the firmware too old?

Further Infos:
ATI3 -> 661_09gg.Q2687H 1925236 100506 11:13


Is the firmware too old?

Yes definately, i remember this problem with that old firmware.

If you don’t need the new features of the 7.1, i recommend the 6.63c firmware version.


Thanks Tom,

we updated the Firmware to the latest version R71a01 and it is double as fast in upload [5,5 kByte/s] and a little bit faster in download [9 kByte/s].

It is still a lot slower than the siemens ac75 wich makes 10 kByte/s in upload.

Why did you recomend an older firmware 6.63c? Faster?

Do you know other settings/possibilities to speed up?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: