EDGE speed


I have been testing the Q2687 ( stack version 6.61_09 ) on MTN and
CellC in South Africa, and there seems to be a lot of confusion about
what the speed of EDGE should be.

Does anyone know any of the following:

  1. What is the theoretical and realistic speed of EDGE.
  2. What is the actual theoretic and realistic transfer speed when using the Q2687?
  3. To what extent is the speed affected by the network ( not on the IP/internet side, but on the GSM side ).
  4. To what extent is in necessary to finetune the module for a specific
    network to obtain decent transfer rates?
  5. Is there any way to check if the Q2687 is running in EDGE or GPRS

Most references list EDGE between 180kbps and 260kbps, but I’m only
getting 60-80 kbps on the Q2687.

Testing has been done on both the eval board and a custom board, using
the USB interface.

Nic van der Walt.


I still have no Q2687 for trial.

Regarding to question 5, according to 3GPP spec. there is a command “AT+CGEQNEG” to get the “Quality of Service Profile” offered by the network. But I don’t know if Q2687 supports this command or not

I also want to know how to set Q2687 runing in EDGE mode!