SL808xT - How to manually download extended ephemeris file?

Hi all,

I’m using an SL808xT with the built in Qualcomm gpsOne and I want to use the extended ephemeris file feature to reduce time to first fix (*)

I’ve tried extracting the relevant code from SW’s example application (which is huge and unwieldy) but there is a problem: triggering the ephemeris download hijacks the PDP context and cuts off the application from the network while the firmware tries to download the ephemeris. It then fails.

I can easily download the file manually using my own application ( but I don’t know how to notify the gpsOne that the file is available for use and enable the feature. Somehow I need to pass gpsOne a location of the file to read and to enable the DEE functionality.

Does anyone know how I can get the extended ephemeris feature of the gpsOne to work if I’ve already downloaded the file manually?

Thanks in advance,


  • = “Location Library for Open AT Framework AT Commands - 01 October 2013” section “Enable DEE (Downloaded Extended Ephemeris) mode”