Skylight Installer (MSI) bad setting implemented!


I’m not sure if this is the right board for this but I wanted to mention that the Skylight installer (Skylight_Generic_Build4260.msi) has a big failure.
It set’s a registry with App Paths\cmd.exe value which replaces regular Windows behaviour of the command prompt (cmd.exe). This can cause serious issues to several users. [e.g. “Open command window here” option in context menu is not working any more… and many other applications calls can/will fail.]

For MSI Developer:
The registry key is found in the “Skylight.exe” component:

This key should never ever be set by some installer as this replaces default cmd.exe (starting) behavior, so they have to be removed from the installer.

Skylight Adressbook:
is also not working very well… It takes way too long to load the phonebook.xml and import functions doesn’t work at all as it wants to replace contacts all over again… the addressbook feature is under big construction at all.


Thanks for this info… need to discuss this internally.