Skylight display cellular level only

I have discovered the skylight tool and i would like to know if there is a possibility to just display the cellular level in a single window without possibility to change anything ?

It’s to provide the celullar level tool to tablets PC in a kiosk mode…

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Hi @Francois.goudry,

I still don’t quite understand what “display the cellular level in a single window” is? Could you please describe more detail?


i mean have a window with only the cellular level of reception. Like Skylight in reduced mode but without the possibility to change something (Without buttons on the top right of the window)
You can see only the windows with the cellular level of reception and that’s all.

Hi @Francois.goudry
According to what you describe, you mean “to show only the cellular level” as the below image in a single window, is it right?

If not, could you please provide the screenshot of “cellular level” in your meaning?


Yes that’s it. the three icons can stay also (4G, Cellular level, green light) but no possibility
to modify something. A read only mode indeed.


Hi @Francois.goudry,

Please select this Menu item on Skylight, then select Options and a User Options menu will appear as follows:
menu skylight

You can see that in the Default view section, there are options for Full, Compact and Minimized.

You can choose Default view arbitrarily, some reference images:





I know all that features but what i suggest is to have a compact mode in a “protect” mode to avoid users to change parameters without the “parameters” button. A “only view” mode in fact. it could be activate by a parameter at the start of the application. a “- viewonly” parameter for example…



Hi @Francois.goudry,

As far as I search the Display options on User Options as well as Help Topics on Skylight, I don’t see an option to display with “only view”.
In this case, it’s better if you send an email to technical support at for further assistance.