Simple UART Echo Program


i have tested the code with a Terminal Program an it works fine. Great job

Now i want to work with the code so that Data which I recieve will be sent to another device.

I didn´t find where the program read the data and write it in a buffer.

Can somebody help me?


Thank you…The code was very much useful to me.Now m trying to write a code to recieve events(eg:alarm,fire detection,smoke detection)from some external application(eg:NFN gateway,hyperterminal) through serial com port on gsm and gsm should parse the events and send those events in terms of sms to other mobile phones… plz help me out to write a code or if you have any code plz post it…

You need to start a new thread for that - in an appropriate section of the forum…

(you can always include a link to this thread)

I Have been tested the code. Its working fine with small echo data.
But My WMP100 kept restarting when send bigger data (estimated ~ 4KB).
Any body can explain why this happen?

Here is my system info :
-“Developer Studio”,“”
-“Open AT Framework package”,“”
-“Open AT OS Package”,“”
-“Firmware Package”,“”



Hi Aris,

This maybe issue in FCM, is that mandatory to send big data (~4k) in your use case or just for testing?

Using Open UART maybe a better way…


Finish. Developer Studio will now create a “blank” project and, eventually, opens the ‘Application Settings’ editor.
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