Send a character and save the answer

Good morning,
I am newly studying to be a programmer. I’m learning about C and ADL
libraries. I have got a WCPU WMP100.
I’m looking for someone exemplifing me a program doing the follow:

  1. send a character on the UART1 (RS232)
  2. wait for the answer (string of characters)
  3. save the answer-string on the A&D memory.

Thank You very much for any answer.


Hi Marco,

Welcome to the forum.
As per your description, you can first check UART_access sample bundled in the package and use it as a base adding required A&D library.

Hope this helps.

For a novice, I would recommend FCM rather than the UART Access :exclamation:

In addition to the samples provided with Developer Studio, this thread presents a UART example:

Thank for your answer,
I’m confused, i read these examples but i don’t understand two things:
1)The difference between AT MODE and DATA MODE
2)How to save the answer string

I’m sorry but i’m no expert.

Thank you very much


Do you want to send this AT command through a computer? Or you want to do all the process internally in modem’s Open AT Software?
I think you should have a look at documantation of ADL library. adl_atCmdCreate function is for executing AT commands within Open AT. You can read about that function.

I really don’t think Open-AT / ADL is a good platform for learning ‘C’ :exclamation:

I would strongly suggest that you take time first to learn programming in ‘C’ then, once you are proficient, move on to applying that in Open-AT / ADL.

Some suggestions here:

Have you studied the ADL User Guide :question:
In particular, the Flow Control Manager (FCM) section - which explains AT and Data modes?

Save to where?