SIM card can not be detected



i have some Fastract Xtend modems with R7.45 firmware. These modems can not detect SIM card. i run AT+CPIN? command on the module but it returns ERROR. I also see that modems sends +WIND: 0 message but the sim card is just putted in it!
This problem is sometimes solved with a software reset, sometimes hardware reset can work. But sometimes none of reset nor hard reset can solve the problem.

What can be the reason? anyone exprienced the similar issue?



Do you have IESM card with Ethernet port on the modem?
If yes, remove the face plate and see if your problem is fixed. Face plate may interfere with sliding switch and cause it not to close properly.
AT+WSHS will show you status of the switch.

You can also try to disable SIMDETECT feature at+wfm command. You will lose ability to hot swap SIMs, but software will ignore state of the switch.

Anyway, mechanical sliding switch is most likely reason for your problems.


FX30S SIM card not found

Hello Rudolfl,
First of all thank you for your useful answer.

I dont use IESM card with Ethernet port on the modem. It is FXT009.

I have found a problemmatic modem which can not detect SIM card eventhough it is plugged. AT+WSWH will return +WSWH: 0 (open). I read the documantation and it says that AT+WSWH shows SIM holder status. So can we say SIM holder can not detect SIM card? Or can it still be because of sliding switch?

i looked at SIM card holder pins and see that Xtend modem has extra pins for sliding switch. That means embedded module checks both SIM holder detection pin and sliding switch pin. Do you mean disabling SIM sliding switch detection by saying “disable SIMDETECT feature by at+wfm”? However, there is no SIMDETECT option in the documantation for at+wfm command.

This problem appairs often and gives me headache. I want to find the certain reason.

Do you know a way to disable sliding switch detection? i want to see if sliding switch causes the problem or not.


I think its a SIMREMOVE feature that rudolfl had in mind.


Yes, i have just tried the disable “SIMREMOVE” feature by at+wfm=0,7 and now the module detects the sim card even if sliding switch is open.

Thank you very much rudolfl and victorjd, you helped me alot.



Yes, SIMREMOVE feature. Sorry, was typing from memory there.

Sierra Wireless confirmed issues with mechanics of sliding switch when IESM card is present.
Even without the card, I would still try to take out the face place and wiggle the switch. Most likely it is faulty.