Sign in initialize command

Have any one know how to write the file for sign in initialize or initialize command.

Now,When I turn on the module I always have to install the driver every time. Is it have anyway to do it auto ??

and is it have a “systemd” service to start stop and restart or not??

You can modify to add your init command

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how to write “./” in the scprit?

you need to use full path
/home/root/xxx.script &

I have added this in dnsmasq:
echo “WF200_starting install”
/home/root/ &

and got this:
WF200_starting install
/etc/init.d/dnsmasq: line 121: /home/root/ Permission denied

do you find problem to just run “/home/root/ &” in console

how to write wait in the script?

you should ask this in other forum

I cannot use the legato tools any more and all etc/init.d file is become entry. How to fix it?

you can create a unsandboxed hello_world legato app, and run the script when power cycle: