Sierra Wireless Source website is down

@mlw Thanks for the info. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for now.

I happened to have that release lying around from some MC7710 experiments a long time ago. I believe the EM7700 and MC7710 used the same firmware? At least the release notes mentions both. Don’t know anything about AT&T. approval. I put the file here if you like to give it a try:


@dl5162 You’re a lifesaver! Flashed over just fine. Thanks so much!

yes this now worked - Chrome was not responding thank you

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with the website…

Is it possible to have the following?

  • Windows Drivers for EM/MC Series Modules (Build 5087)
  • Firmware SWI9X15C_05.05.78.00

For the EM7305, please


Could I please get the HL7650 Windows USB drivers? Thanks.

@isabel.cage - I believe these are what you’re looking for – let me know if this is what you needed, or if you need something else:

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Excellent! Thanks a lot!

Hi @ash - Unfortunately, HL75/76/85 driver requires the signature of a EULA (End User License Agreement) from you that is normally provided & recorded on the Source only. Please bear with us while we’ll try to find a solution. We’ll contact you back once we’ve found a way. Thanks

I need a driver for MC 7354 Windows 7 ,can you provide a download link?

I need latest firmware and radio module firmware for RV55, can you please provide download link?
Thank you.

Hey, I would like to have windows drivers for wp series modules. (WP7502, WP7702)


hello, i,m try to instal a sierra wireles lx60 but file seems corrupt

Gateway is in recovery mode. This may be due to a missing or corrupted ALEOS image, or a long press on the device reset button. You can either:

Attempt a regular ALEOS boot (press the device reset button or click on 'Reboot'); or
Browse and install a new ALEOS package by clicking on 'Update'

the vesrion on the device is>

Version 2.0 - 024adaea69b74f8651f396ee803f2a0ce85fb9d3
Model LX60
RM WP7607
S/N WV83850022021002

can u please help me what todo??
regards renk :grinning:


I am looking for, I believe, the quick-start guide for the OMG2000s… Specifically the one that has the walkthrough for Bell Mobility.

I am also having an issue with ntpd not using the PPS signal for the time so copies of the two yum repositories would be great too.

Does not fit. After installation it says that the driver was not found. I tried it twice)))


Sorry, this is a copy of the driver for it. I was hoping the other one would have worked hosted on Sierra’s website… haha

I grabbed this from my backup folder,

Then use this when launching the installer, to give access to all features and GPS (like the AT commands port)

Generic_M2M_DriverSetup_Build4464 WIN8BUSDriver=1 USBCOMP=8 DisableUsbCompAutoUpdate=1 GPS=1 GPSAUTO=1

This will be the connection manager, if the first install doesn’t have it, I don’t remember, it has been a while… 24.71 MB file on MEGA

Cant I get a link to the MP70 most recent firmware.

Most recent EM7511 Radio firmware for ATT and verizon.


I’ve download the HL7800 4.6.8 and i’ve got new error on command who work fine before:


Could I’ve got a link to download the last HL7800 firmware for europe/france and the associated AT documentation.


May I have a link to the EM7565 current firmware for T-Mobile for Windows installation.



Can I please have the latest firmware for the HL7800-M? current chip is running HL7800-M.1.7.15