Sierra Wireless hl7539 boot loop issue

Hello there, I am in need of help with understanding how this device detects that it has been unplugged or serviced. I repair Sony aibo robots from Japan, which you the HL7539 module for LTE. When I service the units, even without connecting them to power, unplugging the LTE antenna to get to the parts I need to swap and then reconnecting it seems to leave the device in an endless boot loop that won’t run until LTE or wifi connects. I am wondering how is the device detecting being unplugged even when the item is completely removed from battery power and LTE is switched off? It is extremely frustrating not having my device not boot because in Japan, LTE bands are completely different than the US. Seeing there is quite a bit of dev support on these modules, my main questions are 1. how does the HL7539 module recognize it is unplugged and plugged in again even if not connection to power and 2. is there a way I can control the device to connect to wifi or otherwise to have it escape this boot loop? Any amount of insight would help me a lot. Thank you.

Dear @allicia.gunderman ,

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In order to understand the problem, can you please provide answers to the following items:

  1. According to your comment,

Does it means: in the beginning, the module works perfectly, then disconnect power + unplug LTE antenna , disconnect → reconnect power + unplug LTE antenna then the module occurs endless boot loop? If this is not your scenario, please describe clearly step by step
2. Which FW version the module is running? If it is not latest FW, please try to download and install the latest FW at the following link then recheck whether the problem is resolved
3. Is the problem observed on one or multiple HL7539