Sierra Wireless EM7455 Port Forwarding

Hello everyone,
I have a Sierra Wireless EM7455 device and I’m looking to open a port to establish an SSH connection with my computer. If anyone has experience dealing with this issue, I’d greatly appreciate some guidance on the steps to take. Thank you. I am using ubuntu.

This is not quite relate to EM7455, have you tried with Wifi or ethernet network first?

I’m familiar with setting up SSH connections through routers, but the challenge here is that I need to do it with a SIM card.

the EM7455 is providing a network interface, just like what WIFI or Ethernet interface providing
Port forwarding is not related to SIM…

I couldn’t locate the guide on accessing that interface. If you have any clues or pointers, I’d greatly appreciate it.

what interface are you talking about?
Wifi?Ethernet? WWAN?

have you tried with Wifi or ethernet network first?

To clarify, I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T470 with a SIM card providing internet access. I’m attempting to open a port for SSH, but unlike a normal router that typically has a software interface accessible through an address like, the adapter on this device doesn’t seem to have such an interface. I’m unsure how to proceed with configuring port forwarding in this situation.

this is not related to port forwarding…