Sierra MC7304 ioctl crash

I´m using MC7304 in router (embeded device with Linux). I have more demons which need comunicate concurently. Demons opens qcqmi0 device, calls ioct IOCTL_QMI_GET_SERVICE_FILE with number of service(1 - 12), does some reads, writes and close device. If this cycle is repeated more times (e.g. 2000x) demon crash on ioctl call. I must kill demon and restart him. If I restart him more than 7x MC7304 module crash and must be hw restarted. In router I´m using Gobi driver with sierra patches. I try repeat this with sierra SDK and I was successful.

Have someone encountered with this issue?


Hi Marek,

May I clarify, are you seeing the issue only when you send QMI command directly from your daemons?
Any problem using Sierra QMI SDK?


I’m able to repeat this even with QMI SDK. Now I’m in contact with sierra support . I get patch from them and I must test it. In attach is breaking program, it must be repeated more than 2000 in loop.
start_sdk.c (5.74 KB)