Shifted bytes received in UART FCM data handler SL8082T


I have seen this weird isssue when working with SL8082T, with firmware 7.53.1
The issue is that the in UART1 FCM data handler the receieved data is shifted by random number of bytes (0x00)

eg. if suppose I am expecting the following data stream from the device connected on the UART1 of SL8082T

2017/08/30;14:26:06:684;001;ADL;1;ff 02 04 06 56 02 03 ff 02 0b 51 00 18 1a 4e 90 4c 78 7e ac 03
2017/08/30;14:26:06:695;002;ADL;1;ff 02 04 06 56 02 03

then the actual received data will be like below

2017/08/30;14:26:06:684;001;ADL;1;00 00 00 00 ff 02 04 06 56 02 03 ff 02 0b 51 00 18 1a 4e 90 4c
2017/08/30;14:26:06:695;002;ADL;1;78 7e ac 03 ff 02 04

Then first 4 Bytes (random number) are with 00 and the last four bytes ( random number) of last frame goes missing

My device frame starts with ff and ends with 03, in this situation I cant store the date and operate on it later.

I have tried the same application of Q2698/Q2687, it is working without any issue.

Please suggest.

Please test your application on latest FW 7.54.2 which you can download from,-d-,54,-d-,2,-d-,a1-for-sl808xt_bt/.
If still the problem persisits then this problem needs a detailed technical analysis. Please contact your Technical support in Sierra Wireless to provide you the solution.

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